Festival Season Fashion

So you’re headed to a music festival this year? Are you a wee bit overwhelmed by WHAT TO WEAR? I know I was. I spent days deliberating over my wardrobe before my first festival, but when I arrived, I realized anything goes. Literally. So use this opportunity to explore your inner flower child or to try a trend you’ve been ogling.

Here are a couple tips that will help when planning your festival wardrobe.

#1 – Accessorize. Accessories will be your best friend. Go nuts. My two favorite “accessories” are Flash Tattoos and Body Bauble (coming soon!) Flash tattoos were an excellent way to accessorize my outfits and they lasted the entire weekend! A great hat or sunglasses can cover up a world of hurt from the night before or more importantly protect you from the elements.



#2 – Backpack or purse. You may be tempted to go without, but having a place to stash a jacket and a water bottle will be a lifesaver.  This is the perfect excuse to buy one of those fringed bags or backpacks you’ve been seeing everywhere



#3 – Shoes. Keep these as comfortable as possible as there’s bound to be a ton of walking. Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring. Try some strappy gladiators or a fun pair of sneakers.


#4 – Clothing. I keep mine simple in regards to layers, but I amp things up a bit with patterns and accessories. Flowy dresses, cut offs, and body suits are my go to. A plaid shirt tied around my waist becomes a jacket when the sun goes down.


In short, be creative. Use this as an opportunity to branch out and take some risks. Festivals are about having a good time, hearing some great music, and people watching (and judging) for ideas for next year’s outfits!


[1] Tattoo – FlashTat [2] Hat – Nordstrom [2] Purse – Target [3] Sunglasses – Target [4] Sandals – Ross Dress for Less             [5] Body Suit – American Apparel [6] Black Shorts – American Eagle [7] Dress – Ross Dress for Less

Happy Festivus!


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