Desert Bound: Arizona!

I am headed to spend a week poolside (rink-side and diamond-side) in Arizona, and as per usual, I am making a packing list. I make lists for nearly everything. The satisfaction I get from checking an item off a list is unmatched (nerd alert?!). Here’s a dirty little secret: sometimes I add things I’ve already finished prior to list making just so I can check them off. Oh the rush!


The following is a list of my poolside essentials.

#1 – Pool bag. I love my Kate Spade pool bag oh so much. It can even double as a bag for a casual dinner and pairs well with a maxi dress or even cut offs.

#2 – SPF. I love the Biotherm SPF 50 for both my face and body. Before I even head outdoors, I apply my Trader Joe’s “enrich” face lotion (SPF 15) to my face and neck. TJ’s Enrich lotion has changed my life. At $3.99 a bottle you’d be a fool not to (a total fool).

#3 – Lip balm with an SPF! Please people, do NOT neglect those lips. EOS is a great choice and my OCD self loves trying to keep that pesky thing round.

#4 – Bathing Suit (or 7). This Triangl bikini not only looks great, but it supports. The neoprene material keeps sagging and unwanted slippage at bay, all the while looking amazing!


#5 – Pamela Barsky bag. Duh. This can neatly tuck away all my unmentionables and electronics to keep them safe from my pruned fingers.

#6 – Hat(s). Gotta love snapbacks! This one will keep me looking fly by day and like a Coyotes fan by night (Reebok). Now that’s smart packing!

#7 – Post chlorine and sun regime. My highlighted hair soaks up the sun and chlorine like I drink wine. (Like I’m thirsty…) To combat the brassiness I use Lush Cosmetics purple shampoo, Daddy-o (bonus: it’s travel sized). To refresh my skin after a day in the sun, I use Purple Ranch Lavender Body Mist. It soothes sunburns, smells fantastic AND is locally grown and produced right here in Texas!



There you have it friends! I hope you find this list as helpful as I will when I am actually packing next week.  **FYI my neighbors have seen me in some pretty precarious positions, lying all of my goodies out on the lawn. I’m certain they have started a blog with a name somewhere along the lines of “Stuff Crazy White Girls Do”.

Bon Voyage.


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