OUTINON || no. Two


What’s OUT

Let me tell you what I’m over: mystery face products. Not only do they LIE to you about all the benefits of said cream, cleanser, etc., but they fill them with chemicals I can’t even pronounce. I mean, I can’t even right now. So OUT, OUT, OUT with the chemicals and in with new, natural and healthier products!

What’s IN

Pineapples. Everywhere. I am obsessed with pineapples and pineapple motifs. From your clothes to your walls to your meals, pineapples are where it’s at. Lately I’ve been adding them not only to my smoothies, but to my table as a centerpiece (talk about multi-tasking!). I am by no means suggesting that the ever popular deer/antler motifs are out, but why not add some tropical love to the mix and bring your wardrobe and home into spring!


What’s going ON

Pet-A-Palooza  this is  a FREE event being held at Discovery Green in downtown Houston this Sunday, March 29th. This event is hosted by MIX 96.5 and if you didn’t guess from the name, it’s dog friendly! It runs from 11am-2pm and there are plenty of things for both you and your BFF (your dog) to do and see.



  • When: Sunday, March 29 11am – 2pm
  • Where: Discovery Green, downtown Houston
  • Tickets: FREE!

And if it so happens that you’re in the market for a new best friend, there will be plenty of adoption agencies on site. Last year the on-site dog park was Ella’s favorite and she can’t wait to go again!


What’s OUT

Winter… I am over it! Who is with me? Beating the winter blues in Alberta has proved to be a challenge; it seems like it never ends. Just when we get a glimmer of spring hope, we get hit with some more snow. The snowy disaster and the overwhelming mess that comes along with the melt make fashion incredibly challenging. The daily dilemma of what footwear is water proof enough, still fashionable, and still provides warmth; and then pair that will the challenges of whether or not to wear a jacket, bring a jacket, and if so, what jacket?! This is truly the most fashionably confusing time of year in Western Canada.

Considering last week was the first day of spring, I am officially boycotting all things winter related… except for things that keep me warm, and well maybe my boots, and I’ll probably still wear mitts if I have too. But in my mind, winter is a thing of the past, at least till next October.

So how to beat the winter blues and still keep it together… Check out what’s IN

What’s IN

Spring-ish winter fashion. Kick the cold and warm up your winter wear with these staple items.

Rubber boots// With the consistent snow/melt/rain/wind cycle, shoes prove to be the biggest fashion challenge in the spring; so much so, that I have officially designated a portion of my car to a shoe bin just in case the weather decides to mix it up and go through every season in a 24 hour span. My rubber boots seem to be my go-to for weekend running around options; specifically, my Hunters. Hunter boots are the trail blazer of rubber boots making them social acceptable, comfortable, and rather than being for children and farmers, they are now considered trendy.


Sunglasses// I can’t really live without my sunglasses in general, but especially when the UV is starting to show its face again after a dreary winter. That being said, anybody who has hit the slopes knows how bright snow can make things on a sunny day, it’s intense. So for those bright snow-covered spring mornings or muddy puddle hopping afternoons, I don’t leave my house without my sunny g’s; specifically my polarized Ray-Ban aviators.


Floppy hat// Since investing in some solid hats, a bad hair day hasn’t got me down. These are a godsend and a must. Hat trends tend to vary from year to year, but my favorite has to be the wool flop from Anthropologie. It’s laid back, fashionable, versatile, and best of all it covers my mop when dry shampoo won’t do the trick.


Layers// Mornings and evening s are inevitably chilly, so layer up in preparation to peel them off by noon when the some comes out an your celebrating every ounce of sunshine your skin can soak up. My favorite way to layer includes a variation of scarves, vests, knits, and layerable cottons.


What’s going ON

It’s here! The special time of the year when us Northerners gather inspiration from major fashion centers and international runway shows, then bring the biggest trends to our very own runway for Western Canada Fashion Week.

  • When:  March 27 to April 4, 2015
  • Where: ATB Financial Art Barns, Edmonton , AB
  • Tickets: Vary between $10 to $25, or $125 for weekend pass

WCFW is hosted in Edmonton, and happens to be the second largest fashion week in Canada; additionally this is the 10 year anniversary of the event, which can guarantee some special features, events, and buzz.


“Our primary mission is to create a community that unites everyone involved in the fashion and beauty industries.”

The heels will be high, the hair will be wild, and the competitions promise to be fierce. For more information on the events, competitions, and parties, check out WCFW website www.westerncanadafashionweek.com


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