ReFresh || no. Three

It’s Monnnnddaaay! Considering it’s the afternoon already, we hope your coffee is strong and your Monday is short; but until it passes, here is what we are thinking about today.

Falynn’s Monday Refresh

Monday Confession! I have the most unruly and overgrown eyebrows that could possibly exist, except with my natural hair color being brunette, my brows managed to get a bit of red, brown and blonde mixed in. Imagine a cross between Tom Selleck and Frida Kahlo; that’s the potential of my eyebrows.

My solution… other than the typical daily maintenance, and regular threading, I depend on my beloved Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper. It’s not a pencil, it’s not a powder, nor is it a gel; it’s a cream-gel! Not sticky, crusty, time-consuming product, just a simple brush wand.



You don’t need to be an artist or require an outline to achieve full manicured eyebrows. This tames, defines, and fills brows. I swear this is my #1 necessity in my makeup collection; otherwise I would go out looking like I have bed-head eyebrows.

Check it out; I use Rich Brown to fill in my calico crest.


Amber’s Monday Refresh

Well Houston, spring has sprung! (knock on wood) If you’re like me, I am still a wee bit wary of putting all my winter clothing back in storage, so here are a few quick and simple tips on how to cheat your way to a spring look!

[1] Swap out your dark denim and leather for a pair of colored jeans or a light denim jacket. Doing this will instantly lighten your entire LOTD and your mood.

[2] Replace that dark leather bag or purse with one in a fun print or cheery color. If you really want to take it up a notch, swap out your current wallet for something whimsical like this Kate Spade one!

[3] Accessorize with turquoise! It’s bright, it’s beautiful and timeless. (Anyone else thinking of Britt’s earrings on The Bachelor?!)

[4] Change out that phone case people! Nothing makes this girl happier than new phone case day.





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