Wine not?

At no point in my life will I ever claim to be a sommelier or even a knowledgeable connoisseur of wine; however, I like it (understatement), I drink it from time to time (another understatement), and I have failed (extreme understatement) at making it. That being said, my exploration of wine continues and evolves.

I have to admit, my first time trying wine I may have been underage… but it was with my step-mother and step-sister, so that makes it okay because it was with family, right? Anyway, as most will attest too, my first taste was not as glamourous as I had imagined, particularly because my expectation was for it to taste like the sparkling apple juice or something I may have tried at my baba’s; I suppose it didn’t help that I started with, what I assumed to be, a ‘bold’ red wine. Rest assured, because I am the baby in the family and I seriously looked up to my female family parts, I continued to try, taste, and force myself to enjoy it. And it worked!


Without making my friends and I sound like an over-consumers or in some terms ‘winos’, but a lot of my encounters and social situations with lady friends are often brought together by a bottle of wine. Red wine being predominantly my favorite, for no reason specifically other than I think that is what I drank the most of in my experimental wine days and my fridge is typically too full to house copious bottles of white wine; therefore, red wine seems to be a common favorite in my circle.


Although I am drawn to red wine majority of the time, there are some specific grapes, blends, and brews that have made my favorite list; remember that this is from the Canadian perspective, which means Costco is my main supplier (kidding-ish).

  • My palette and taste buds typically do not agree with sweet flavors in general, especially in wine, which makes Pinot Noir an odd choice with a common misconception that it’s sweet. But I love it; it’s light, airy, subtle, which makes it a common choice for classic couch and pizza consuming.
  • Blends make wine drinking easy. I find every blend different from the one before, the tastes will very, deep complexity, and has a wide variety of potential. And for wine drinkers like me, the uniqueness of a blend gives you endless options and pairings.
  • Oui Oui, francés! Red Boudreaux and I have had a strong bond for some time now; although I do not have a mature palette for drinking wine, this old world grape is like a hug. Boudreaux in fact being a blend of cabernet and merlot, is unique and depending on the portion of these two grape varieties will depend on what flavor you’re going to get.
  • Malbec, this full booty (or body) wine mainly from Argentina, it’s deep and rich! To me, Malbec is like the freak of the red wine lineage. It can be paired with obscure flavors and often has a smoky finish; it’s bold and plumpy (Love Actually reference anyone?)
  • All the wines!

In addition to the good old ‘wine in a glass’ form of consumption, it can be a valuable asset in the kitchen. This too is not my area of expertise; however, after many hours of watching food network, I have learned that utilizing wine in the kitchen can be an easy and delicious way to elevate your cooking game!


Next up for the topic of wine, research and product test some glasses in the battle of Stems vs. Stemless! But, for now I will continue to taste, explore, and sip my way through the wine aisles.

Happy Wine’ing!


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