New York: What to Pack?

8 wintery days and 1 carry-on…

Well you know what they say, “9th time is the charm!”, (OK no they don’t). But any time is a charm when I once again find myself in the happiest place on earth. So what does one pack for a winter vacation in NYC; or the polar vortex/east coast in general?

My first trip to Manhattan I figured the streets would be like catwalks and everyone would dress like Carrie Bradshaw. Try again. People whose main forms of transportation include walking and public transit dress for comfort and warmth. Every time I visit New York, my suitcase gets light ad my faith in my packing abilities grows. My manta; Neutrals! This includes black, grey, brown, and sometimes navy if I am feeling colorful.

NY 2


Shoes can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy, so be smart here. My favorites include a sturdy heeled brown boot and my black Chelsea boots; mine are both from Nine West years ago and were purchased on a trip in NYC. This is where leather and waterproof treatments become your best friend. Use them before you go and don’t skimp out! Both of these boots are great for walking and easily transition from day to night.

NY 4

1| Kensie 2| Veronica Frye Chelsea


Black skinny jeans (two pairs), dark denim skinny jeans, and faux leather leggings. These are interchangeable with all my tops and work with both pairs of shoes.


Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters. That is all. They are warm, stylish, and best of all, comfortable.


I brought a big winter parka and wore that on the plane to save room in my suitcase (did I mention I only brought a carry-on for 8 days?! Who am I?). I also packed a black leather jacket for the milder days and a faux fur vest to layer over the leather to change up my look. As for outdoor accessories; scarves, has, and gloves! I love them in neutrals, but you could always use this as a way to brighten up your outfit. An umbrella never hurts either.

NY 3


When it comes to carrying a purse, I have found that a small cross-body bag is the only way to go. It keeps your phone and metro card easily accessible and doesn’t weight you down during the loads of inevitable shopping!

Happy Packing!


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