Countdown to Napa

On our travel bucket lists, we have mutually agreed that Napa Valley is one of the top places to go. So we have recently decided and planned our adventure, and we are dragging our husbands along for the ride!

Considering this trip will be the first time Amber and I have seen each other in person (other than through FaceTime) since August 2014, we have a lot of catching up do; which is odd considering we talk everyday/all day. But face-to-face is different; it’s much easier to sarcastically judge each other in real life.

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    The trip is starting off in San Francisco, which Amber and I have visited, but the husbands newbies to, so it will be chalked full of cliché touristy activities. Upon our arrival to San Francisco on the Thursday, we have a couple little things planned, starting with a Giants game for the boys; then maybe off to Union Square, Pier 39, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Warf, Golden Gate Bridge, or maybe we will just ride the cable car and catch the sights. See cliché tourist attractions, but you have to admit they are all pretty cool.

    Next up, wine time, (aka Napa)! Both of us and our husbands are first timers to Napa; although, at some point we have dabbled in winery and vineyard visits. We arrive in Napa on Friday, which will be our day to settle in, see the sights, and find a nice little restaurant to taste the tastes. We intend to do some ‘winery hopping’ and so far this is our list of wineries to check out;

    • Clif Family Winery not only has wine pairing, but they have a farm fresh food truck. The Clif Family Bruschetteria features fresh Italian food and farm grown goodies.
    • The highly recommended Quintessa Winery apparently has bragging rights for having a one of a kind Bordeaux Blend (yes please)! TripAdvisor also boasts about their generous pours and tasty bites that are supplied during a tasting; they had me at generous pours.
    • Cade Estate Winery is Napa Valleys first LEED Gold certified estate winery featuring green initiatives everywhere and entire property is organically farmed.
    • Opus One, which was suggested to me by a family friend who rants about the architecture of this place and the sheer beauty of the sights. Additionally, the history of this winery was established with joint venture between Robert Mondavi’s son Timothy and Château Mouton Rothschild winemaker Lucien Sionneau back in 1979.

    Saturday is probably the day we are looking forward to the most; CHOOO CHOOOOOO! We are taking the evening Wine Train tour that will take us to explore a couple wineries and then have dinner in a dining car; sounds glamourous! My time on trains has mostly been while traveling in Europe years ago which wasn’t so great; I imagine this wine train is much smoother and less rickety. But considering Euro Rail is my train experience, I do picture us requiring sippy-cup lids on our wine glasses and slip-grips for our plates, which might not be so bad, it could provide some interesting entertainment. I will report on this following the trip, maybe paired with humorous images of the potential spillage (note to self: don’t wear white that night).


    Moving to Sunday, depending on the recovery required post Wine Train, we are heading to St. Helena to enjoy brunch at the Culinary Institute of America and then maybe a trek to Yountville to tour Domaine Chardon. Dinner reservations, yet to be determined, but guaranteed we will make the most of our last day in Napa. All else fails, apparently there is a place that serves wine infused coffee. Yes, I said wine infused coffee. Molinari Caffe might have just wrapped my life up into a cup.

    Monday we will be traveling back to San Francisco, unless we fall in love with the sights of Napa and decide to never leave. Realistically we will be heading back to the beautiful city for some more sightseeing and maybe some shopping at the vintage stores, boutique galleries, and high-style design shops (guided by Apartment Therapy). The boys are most excited about this part because they can take off on their own and probably find a sports bar to hunker down at.


    Tuesday may be our last day, but it is also Amber’s birthday! So far the plans she knows about are another Giants game to keep the boys happy, and then__________ at _________, and dinner reservations at _________. (I can’t disclose this yet, it’s a secret).

    Don’t worry pretty friends; we will be having updates while we are there and a follow up post of our adventure.


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