OUTINON || no. One

First post and first review of what’s IN, what’s OUT, and what’s going ON! So how does this work? Well we both are going to give our personal review of what we think is worthy of our judgment. So here it goes!


What’s IN

Not that I have anything against the big clunky watches that are gold, silver, rose gold, or mix metal style, but I am recently obsessed with the sleek and simple leather or fabric strap watches. Specifically, |1| Daniel Wellington. Swoon!


This delicate timepiece is sophisticated and timeless (or timefull? get it?); all things I am not, but I love it! Dress it up or dress it down, layer it, and ease from work to play with this little slice of perfection.

What’s OUT

Apothic Wine…. Apothic red, white, dark, etc. I have to admit, at one point I didn’t mind this for a lower priced option; however, now the sugary, teeth coating flavor of this has grown tiresome and is now highly overrated. It was like the summer of Bear Flag white wine, or my wine discovery year of ‘Arbor Mist Mondays’. Is this a sign my wine palette has matured?

All that being said, if I am in a pinch and there is absolutely no other options in my wine fridge, and only |2| Apothic Red staring me in the face, my OUT might be IN.

What’s going ON

This one has me all kinds of excited! |3| Breakout Edmonton! My lovely sister-in-law gave my husband and I a gift card for this and after looking it up, I couldn’t be more excited! Premise: you and a small team of 4 to 6 people get locked in a themed room with a meticulously designed scenario and by using the elements of the room, you have to ‘breakout’ of the room in a limited time frame.


So basically it’s like being in board game or an adventure novel! I knew my Law & Order/Criminal Minds (and every other crime show within my reach) marathons would pay off! I am ready for this, and I will certainly be reporting back with my experience!

1| Daniel Wellington 2| Apothic Wine 3| Breakout Edmonton


What’s IN

|1| Pamela Barsky bags – the variety of sizes and clever messages make these bags the perfect travel companion. They hold everything from makeup and passports to your iPod and chargers. And in the name of packing light, they can even transition to be a fun clutch. Oh, and they make incredible gifts!

Check out Pamela’s instagram @pamelabarsky to see more of her bags.

What’s OUT

“Matchy-matchy” – when it comes to your home decor, there is no need to have everything match! Typically, if you decorate with things you love, you’ll love your space. There’s obviously exceptions, but then again, your guests don’t have to live there, so they can beat it.

What’s going ON

|2| Houston Rodeo – it’s rodeo season in Houston again! This is one of my favorite times of year. For three weeks (March 3-22), we get to enjoy carnival rides, amazing food, rodeo and concerts. Every. Single. Night.


1| Pamela Barsky 2| Houston Rodeo


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